Birchwood Financial Group provides professional services for small and growing businesses for the purpose of developing an intelligent and actionable environment for organizational leaders. These services are centered on the typical and routine areas of bookkeeping, systems, payroll, taxes, and compliance, but brought to reality in a custom combination for each client to bolster success. In the end, these functions have to be completed so why not realize the power we bring for our clients yourself. Many providers can accommodate these tasks, but how many have the actual business experience to link them together in a way that brings a valuable usefulness for you.

Our Services


Never underestimate the value of accurate bookkeeping. From a compliance standpoint, reading the IRS examiner guidelines is likely enough to rethink the level of detail and quality of your current bookkeeping process. If you have faced an audit or have ever considered that potential, the source of the tax data - the books - will be the subject of intense scrutiny. Simply accepting the raw data from your accounting system bank feed into your records may likely leave you without any deductible expenses after an examination.


Our bookkeeping method starts with establishing procedures and controls based on your business needs first. We then coordinate proper records management methods using streamlined and digital systems. After setting the stage, we set in motion a bookkeeping process that yields both defensible compliance and actionable business intelligence data you may never have seen before. The clarity that comes from real-time reports based on accurate data brings tangible relief for many business leaders.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Whether you need standalone tax services or want to see the synergy of our comprehensive Power Plan in action, we have tax preparation services to meet your needs. Our team is equipped to handle tax filing needs of individuals, families, pass-through business owners, partnerships, trusts, and corporations. We offer our services to all who reach out to us and we specialize in the following market segments:


  • Individuals and families with complex situations
  • Small business owners with pass-through income (normally $200k - $5M)
  • Small business returns
  • Agricultural operators and businesses


Our Power Plan includes ongoing planning and tax preparation services, but tax planning is essential for everyone throughout the year. Situations change and there is no reason for anyone to be surprised at tax time. Ask us to see how that's possible.

Accounting Systems

There are so many options for business systems and accounting platforms today. Desktop, cloud, hosted, standalone systems, app integrations, and APIs abound. Whether you are looking for one or you already have something in use, some questions are likely to develop:


  • Are you sure you have the right one?
  • Does it meet your actual business needs?
  • How do you use it or get stuff done?
  • Why won't it balance?


If you have these types of questions, let us help. Our team strives to understand and teach the systems, software, and technology relating to small business needs. You need to be working on what you do, not trying to be an IT pro at the same time. We have those for that.


QuickBooks Online and Enterprise are the dominant systems in use by small business. Our team has deployed, configured, and maintained multiple Enterprise systems with added integration software. ProAdvisor certification is a basic requirement for our bookkeeping team members and the Advanced certification level is a standard goal. Our team is geared to help you with your QuickBooks needs.

Payroll and Compliance

Your team is likely your greatest business asset. Staffing qualified member is a challenge and maintaining the rates and forms of payroll is often a burden that becomes a distraction. Allow us to match you with a powerful, yet simple and cost-effective solution for your payroll, payroll tax, and reporting needs.


Our goal is to provide our clients with premium-level payroll service, which allows them to focus on running their business and not having to crunch payroll numbers and stay up on all of the various filing dates. Simplicity is the key to effective payroll solutions. Allow us to get you started on a better payroll path today.

Business Consulting and Process Solutions

Leading a small business can be a lonely task. This not only occurs in a personal sense, but also in a professional and competency sense as well. A strong business leader would never allow a threat to cripple their business, but competency issues left uncorrected may do just that.


In the past, our leadership faced that same dilemma and sought to conquer that obstacle. When you realize you don't have all the answers and aren't good at everything you need to do, reach for a skilled consultant to support you in your battle. Our team has won countless battles in wide-ranging areas of the marketplace and public service. Allow us to share with you how we can be your battle partner when you sense you are less than a champion today.


When you consolidate the resources and services we offer to businesses, efficiencies develop along with the full and powerful effect of this action. We call this our Power Plan and offer it at a package rate customized to fit your needs. No business is the same as another and we wouldn't even try to fit you in someone else's box. So, lets get a Power Plan for you.

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Much has changed over time and we do most of our work remotely for our clients. Our standard process to establish a service relationship starts with a free phone or email consultation. We share forms and data through secure systems and have digital capabilities to keep connect and maintain lower overhead costs. In-person consultations are available by appointment if desired. All of our services are provided based on clear communication through written agreements.

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